What you should wear during a desert safari in Dubai UAE

What you should wear during a desert safari in Dubai UAE

Date published: Mar - 19 - 2021

When me and my husband went on a desert safari for the first time we were so eager to experience all the fun things that are going to happen. It was a once in a lifetime trip for us and we enjoyed the trip a lot but I wish we had consulted about the desert dress code and it might have made the desert trip more fun because I couldn’t take part in some activities due to my style of dressing and I ended looking like a buffoon in some situations but it’s okay i learned the truth the hard way

Desert safari clothes should be breathable, adjustable for both hot and cold temperatures, and some of the important things to consider while going for a desert safari is given below: - 

*Hoodie | Bulky Pullover

You can wear a tank top or a T-shirt underneath as you enjoy the morning desert safari.if you want you can also bring these to the evening dessert safari that reaches out in the night if the temperature in the desert drops

*long-sleeved tops or trousers

Try to buy cotton or linen they are best for the morning safari’s when the temperature is not that high and most people will prefer shorts while you are in the desert but we won’t recommend that because most of the time you will be traveling in Air-conditioned jeep so the shorts might feel uncomfortable and when you try some desert activities such as sandboarding or camel ride you may end up getting sand in uncomfortable areas it’s very irritating that’s why we recommend trousers. If you have any more doubt contact our tours and travels company in Dubai

*Sunglasses & Hat 

The UAE sun is very strong in every season so it is better to wear a good quality sunglass if you don’t have sunglass you can wear a hat or shawl

*Sumscream | Lip balm

There are many ways to protect yourself from sunburns but what we usually recommend is suncream and the lip balm will protect you from lip cracking due to the dryness in the desert so it is very important to bring these if you are planning for a desert safari in Dubai

Lastly, this is very important don’t bring anything valuable to the desert safari because you will end losing it in Sand so be simple and wear inexpensive accessories and enjoy the trip to the maximum because it is a one-time experience, if you have any more doubt regarding desert safari contact us we are one among the best Dubai tour agency in UAE.