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Georgia is a remarkable place of landscapes. Most of the vegetation and shores are lying very next to the snowy mountain peaks. The Georgians call themselves as Kartveli. In Georgia, even though the four-fifths of people are Georgians the rest belong to the Armenians, Russians, Azerbaijanis, Ossetes, Greeks, Abkhazians, and others. With an extensive library system, Georgia has a relatively high level of education. One can witness different hues passing through the distant sky. Georgia is like one of the places we have seen in pictures with wonderful green places and landscapes. Added to that is the watchtowers, beautiful landscapes, old churches and vineyards. Here we will discuss some Georgian travel packages, mostly the Georgian Tbilisi tour package.

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The rich culture and diverse landscapes make Georgia one of the most visited place and an ideal destination for history and culture lovers. This astonishing place holds many adventurous activities like White water rafting, mountain hiking, beachside biking and many more to experience.Tickets for the puppetry will be sold out faster than you think which will talk about the culture, tradition and discusses politics and history. Some of the famous festivals in Tbilisi are the New Wine Festival held during May, Art gene folk festival conducted during the month of July where you can be a part of the country and witness its culture of folk dances, songs and handicrafts from all over the country.


Tbilisi being part of Georgia is one of the coolest cities in Europe. This place has the World's top restaurants and some of the natural vine bars. Here guests are considered very valuable and hospitality gives life to everything. Tbilisi has many streets, avenues and alleys to witness. So it is suggested to observe it by taking a walk around the place and its surrounding paths. You will get an idea of the local lifestyle and its culture and can feel the vibe with exploring more of its places. Great vibes are created with the soothing music and party clubs, where you can dance till dawn and the drinks are cheap too.

One of the must-visit places in Georgia is Svaneti. This place is amazing, wild and mysterious and it has picturesque villages and snow-covered meadows. This mystique beauty with the recent development in Tourism has paved roads, ski resorts and flights.

Another place in Georgia, known as Vardzia is also called the remarkable cave city and has a special significance for the people of Georgia. Now, this cave monastery has over 400 rooms, 13 churches, 2000 monks, 25 wine cellars and much more.


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