Hot Air Balloon Ride


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Hot Air ballooning is an outdoor adventure activity using rural properties that can be uneven or overgrown for takeoff and landing. The main destination for the balloon ride is the Dubai desert, where you can uniquely experience everything. We ensure that the balloon ride is a spectacular one for you. You can witness the wildlife and beautiful mountains at the early sunrise. Slowly moving above the sands, you will feel like floating through a beautiful sunrise.

Viewing places from the top of the hot air balloon ride gives you an idea of how beautiful even small things can be. This godly view and ride will be one of those must to do things to be included in your list. From childhood itself, this balloon ride must be a fantasy for most of us. So this will be a dream come true for them and definitely will take you to a dream world.

Inclusions/ Schedules

It is a sunrise flight, so it is always in the early morning. The timing can be changed as per the sunrise

time from month to month.

The Balloon floats approximately 30 to 60 minutes in the air depending on the weather.

One of our reservation team will call you or clients in-between 4.00 PM- 8.00 PM one day before your flight date for flight confirmation & the exact pick-up time of your clients. If we are unable to reach them, a written message will be left with the hotel concierge/ or the reception.

The balloon ride will be on sharing basis for up to 20 passengers.

Transfers are done using our cars on sharing basis and private transfers can be done upon requests.

The Pilot will let you know when it's the time to board and will give you the safety instructions.

Advice the passengers to make sure that they pay attention to the instructions by the pilot and when travelling with children please make sure they are safe under parents/guardian’s supervision and understand the instructions.

A Certificate of First Flight will be handed over duly signed by your pilot.

Internationally practiced safety norms are being followed.

All Flights are ensured on the Hull and the Occupants as per the prevailing international standards.

Balloons to be flown by highly experienced pilots.

Wear comfortable & warm clothes during winter, as you will be climbing in and out of the basket.

We do not take bags onboard the balloon; bags will be left in the vehicles and looked after by our drivers who will be there when you land.

The maximum weight limit for 1 adult is 120 KG and above will be charged in double.

It is mandatory that all passenger must submit a copy of ID (Passport/Driving License/Any Govt. ID)


We fly throughout Dubai and our personal touch and professional experience will make your flight a memorable event. We schedule flights once a day, every day, all year round. To offer a best possible flight and experience, we choose the most suitable take-off site for the day’s flight, depending on the direction and the strength of winds.

Passengers we are unable to accommodate:

Ladies more than 3 months pregnent

Children less than 5 years of age

Anyone more than 85 years of age

Serious heart problems or any other medical conditions will not be suitable for this trip

Anyone who had major surgery recently within the last 6 months

Anyone that has had a broken leg/arm

Anyone who suffers from chronic back or neck pain or injuries

Phobia in height

Serious Heart problems

Disabilities covering mental health and emotional / Physical disabilities

Also all passengers should sign the declaration that he/ she doesn’t have the above problems (Mandatory)


Tour Details:

Pickup time is in between 03.30 A.M to 05.00 A.M, depending on the location.

Flight time approx. 30 to 60 minutes in between 05.30 A.M. to 08.00 A.M. depending on weather conditions.

The balloon will be floating through the air for 30 to 60 minutes depending on weather condition.

Drop off time approx. in between 08.00 AM to 9.00 AM back to hotel, depending on hotel location and traffic.

Instructions will be given by the pilot and the operation team.

Lite refreshment/ breakfast will be provided before take-off or after the landing.

The flight certificate will be provided after the landing.

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